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What’s the time?

After a cold bath (summer in Japan) and with my daughter happily engrossed in a game on Starfall, I have 5 minutes to introduce another I-phone app for those few minutes every now and again where you just have to wait for something. It’s the lite version, so it’s free, and as long as they know the numbers 1 to 12 they can jump right in. Read More…


Phonics in Your Pocket

Previously I wrote about using free online resources on the P.C to practice reading skills. For those using ‘smart phones’, there is also the option (though not always free) of exposing your child to a whole world of language experience on the go. Today I downloaded a new application that is still in the testing stages, but whose simplicity and relevance to all I have written about so far in relation to my daughter prompted me to add yet more coin to Apple’s coffers.

Read More…