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Read It Yourself

read it yourself

I posted about this series before, but it really is the best I have found to follow up on the success of the Peter & Jane series. Now we have moved on to level 2, and despite a recent attitude change (I can’t read it…), herself pretty much always finds out that she can.

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Tips to keep them reading

brain quest question cards

This is a great product, although they may not have had my family in mind when they designed it ūüėČ I found the first set in an airport bookshop when looking for a last minute gift, but I ordered the next set from Amazon.

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Word Search

WordsearchVary the forms of practice. Practice two things at the same time when possible. Keep it light. 3 good rules to practice by. In this word search we are reviewing words practiced with the ‘Jolly Phonics’ word cards, adding words that rhyme, and keeping the session light with a bit of parental help. Read More…

Writing Practice

Handwriting Practice

Nothing ground breaking here, just to introduce a good book and tell you why I like it. Read More…

Fact Finding

question sheet

It`s good to have a range of activities. They give your practice times variety and help maintain interest and motivation. This activity uses YouTube, and was based on a set of cards that came with a National Geographic kids magazine.

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The End of the Word

word endings

The end of the word, not world. It can feel like it when the sprog is struggling on and then just loses concentration, but there is a great book and a simple method to help them move towards whole word recognition that compliments their skills learned in studying phonics.

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Key Words

Ladybird Key Words 1bBooks. Written to be read, hard and soft covers, doorways to new worlds and also for my daughter the symbol of her achievement. Thanks to Chris Drew, my mentor in so many ways, I was re-introduced to the Key Words series. What a great series! Read More…

Let’s read 9

lets read 9

Way overdue! I have not had much time, so I haven’t been making these prints recently. I really noticed the difference without them ¬†in the morning practice time. It was difficult to provide balanced reading activities, it was also difficult to provide review. Last night I made this new print and used it with my¬†daughter this morning. Fantastic stuff. You can see a video clip on the facebook page here. You can download the print here:¬†lets read 9.

Get a Grip (2)

Pencil GripsLast year I wrote about the importance of the pencil grip (here)¬†and how I have been using pencil grips and large-sized pencils to help my sprog achieve the desired result. 6 months on and I am still battling with this, but I think I have found a way forward. Read More…

Tricky Words

Jolly Phonics tricky words

First there were the letters, which combined to form words. Then came the other words and the spaces between them. Then came rules, then longer strings of words until all of a sudden there you are reading short sentences, then passages and then a book. Amazing what a little practice can do. Sadly though, it cannot¬†all¬†be plain sailing. There are those words which just don’t play by the rules.

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