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The Logic of English

Take 56 minutes to watch this from beginning to end. Don’t put it off untill tomorrow. Do it today. Denise Eide, the speaker, has done something marvellous. She has uncovered the logic of the English language. Read More…

Tricky Words

Jolly Phonics tricky words

First there were the letters, which combined to form words. Then came the other words and the spaces between them. Then came rules, then longer strings of words until all of a sudden there you are reading short sentences, then passages and then a book. Amazing what a little practice can do. Sadly though, it cannot all be plain sailing. There are those words which just don’t play by the rules.

Read More…

Rhyme Robber

Rhyme Robber

Happy new year! Back from the old country with a bag full of books and this game. What a great game, and perfect for my sprog’s reading level.  Read More…

What’s a Dog with no D?

FarSide Deer

Gary Larson’s work is great. Why the deer?  ‘What do you call a deer with no eyes? No idea’ (no-eye-deer). So what do you call a dog with no ‘d’? A car with no ‘c’? A chair with no ‘ch’? If your child is getting to grips with reading and if they have a fairly good grasp of how sounds make words then they can probably tell you. Read More…

By The Book


As we move along through the books the number of points we need to practice increases. This week we have mostly been using Splat the Cat to practice words that contain -ake. Read More…

Let’s Read More

A new print for the regular daily reading practice. I am trying to develop my daughter’s reading from a strictly phonic reading style towards a more fluid sight-reading style. To do this I am using the same words, print after print, with the hope that this will encourage recognition of patterns. Download the pdf lets read 8.


More reading prints

I have noticed an increase in the downloads of previous prints so I am uploading these two together. Download them from the downloads section.

I am very pleased that people are downloading and hopefully using the series, but hope that they will come back and tell me what works and what doesn’t.

If you download, please help me to make future materials better by leaving a comment about how you used them and how it went.