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Adding Up

pounds and penceOne of the books I brought back from the U.K was a beginners math book. It uses money as the focus and (at the beginning) keeps the problems simple. Recent experience with Australian students visiting my Japanese high school showed that of all the lessons they joined, the math lesson was the most stimulating because they could join in. There was no language barrier. Truly a universal language and another chance to practice writing skills; a simple math lesson seemed like a great idea for our morning 10 minute practice time. Read More…


The Khan Academy

In a previous post I wrote about the inability of technology to compensate for a lack of attention and time in early childhood education. Soon after, my father told me about Salman Khan. Have you ever thought that the inter-web could actually be put to better use than ‘liking’ your friend’s hangover? Salman Khan believes that he has the answer to many problems in modern education, and that by using his web-based tools the world can educate itself – for free.
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