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Word Search

WordsearchVary the forms of practice. Practice two things at the same time when possible. Keep it light. 3 good rules to practice by. In this word search we are reviewing words practiced with the ‘Jolly Phonics’ word cards, adding words that rhyme, and keeping the session light with a bit of parental help. Read More…


Fact Finding

question sheet

It`s good to have a range of activities. They give your practice times variety and help maintain interest and motivation. This activity uses YouTube, and was based on a set of cards that came with a National Geographic kids magazine.

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Let’s read 9

lets read 9

Way overdue! I have not had much time, so I haven’t been making these prints recently. I really noticed the difference without them  in the morning practice time. It was difficult to provide balanced reading activities, it was also difficult to provide review. Last night I made this new print and used it with my daughter this morning. Fantastic stuff. You can see a video clip on the facebook page here. You can download the print here: lets read 9.

Let’s Read More

A new print for the regular daily reading practice. I am trying to develop my daughter’s reading from a strictly phonic reading style towards a more fluid sight-reading style. To do this I am using the same words, print after print, with the hope that this will encourage recognition of patterns. Download the pdf lets read 8.


Three Things


A busy weekend for my wife left me alone with my daughter for the day on Saturday. We had lunch together and took off to shop for mum’s birthday present. The little lady was sleepy. She didn’t want to look at mummy presents. As luck would have it I saw the perfect present in a shop window, bought it and we left the shopping arcade for a friend’s house. Read More…

Jolly Useful 2

I’m not really sure who this app was designed for. Certainly for English language learners, but not children. There are no games, the ‘play’ is a standard flash card style and there are no cheering pencils  to encourage you do more. This is however a great app for parents who are teaching their kids to read using a system such as Jolly Phonics. It’s a very handy thing to keep for killing time when you are out and about. Read More…

Alphablocks Rock!

You are trying hard, your efforts are paying off. Your sprog is starting to read, or has remembered the phonic alphabet, or is getting to grips with their pencil or one of the many small hurdles that homeschooling parents face. You can use sites like Starfall to help bring some pizzazz to the party, and for the extra phonic boost there are the Alphablocks from the BBC! Read More…