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Tummy Ache

Tummy Ache game

The other week I visited a fellow Brit. and father to two bilingual children. On a trip back to the U.K he bought two or three of the Orchard Toys range. We had a quick go with tummy ache and enjoyed it a lot! Read More…


Are We There Yet?

Time to put the word back into wordpress! I took a short break from posting while I completed the first written task for an MA in TESOL. Will be posting bilingualism related interestingness from the course texts later I am sure. So, right back to books that help your child to develop their language skills. This one was recommended by an Australian friend and it represents a real step up from simple story/picture books to educational reading. Read More…

What is ‘Hafu’?

In Japan, the slightly off term for mixed race people is ‘half’. Perhaps more indicative of the penchant the Japanese have for creating simplified terms than it is of the attitudes held by the Japanese as a whole towards mixed race people. That is a can of worms I do not intend to open here. I would like to introduce a page that deals with that conversation in slightly more depth, and wonder if the experience of the people featured on that page translates to children of mixed nationality parents elsewhere. Visit the Hafu homepage here for an interesting look at what it means to be mixed race in Japan.

Too Controlled?

You know that piece of advice (I have heard it from two experienced parents of bilingual children in Japan) about the control of TV? The idea is to limit the childs viewing to 2nd language programs only, and have little to no exposure to local TV in the home. Well it sounded like a good idea until I tried it.

Read More…

Power of The Pen

Two postcards arrived recently from abroad. One from my mother and one from a friend of this blog Chris Drew, based in France. Chris and I agreed at his suggestion to start sending the occasional postcard to each other. They are a useful talking point with your child, opening up conversations about location and offering an opportunity to read genuine communicative language. Mine has not progressed enough to write, or to read the beautifully written cards, but Chris had his daughters write the one he sent. Here are some extracts from some of the mails Chris sent me. They are interesting, informative and motivational. Read More…

The Significant Other

“In psychology, a significant other is any person who has great importance to an individual’s life or well-being. In sociology, it describes any person or persons with a strong influence on an individual’s self concept. ” (From Wikipedia ‘Significant Other’)

The arrival of my daughter changed me and my self concept for good, and as she has grown and realised the nature of my difference (we live in Japan, I am not Japanese), I believe that I have become a fairly significant other for her, too. How does my difference affect her, and to what extent should I let it do so? Read More…