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Letting the Imagination Run Riot


You ChooseI saw this on Amazon, and as I like and have bought a lot of Nick Sharrat’s illustrated books for the sprog I though we would give it a go. Blow me down if it wasn’t a smash hit from page one! Read More…

Pop-Up Cards


making cards

Every occasion in the calendar provides an opportunity to do some sort of themed activity with the sprog. None so easy as making christmas cards. We used one of my resource books from when I was teaching in England to make some pop up christmas cards. Read More…

Pictionary Cards

Pictionary Cards

Want to stretch their imagination without overwhelming them? Don’t mind breaking a few rules? Able to make no sense at all and not get frustrated? This may be the game for you and yours. Read More…

Sir Ken is Animated

This is a truly great animation, but an even better speech. It relates just as much to our education of multilinguals at home as to the education of anybody else at school. Watch, and listen especially for the section on divergent thinking. Fascinating and potentially motivating stuff.

Treasure Hunt pdf

You can download this pdf of the treasure hunt activity I introduced recently here: Treasure Hunt. The first page is the key. The next page contains the clues. Go through the key with your child before you play. Make sure they know what is what. Have them cut out the clues and then you can play.

The Ultimate Plaything?

The idea that boxes are fun is, I suppose, nothing new. But the teacher in the article linked below makes a really good point when he says that regular toys are prescriptive, the have ‘pre-assigned value’. The boxes allow children to discover and create a use for themselves. I think I have just found the ultimate party toy! (link to video and article here.)

Treasure Hunt

Excuse the photo quality (you get the picture). Today was rainy. We were stuck indoors and were looking for something to do. This activity took 5 minutes to draw, a couple to set up, and was played 3 times in succession. It involves reading and  letter matching and was lots of fun for my four-year old. Read More…