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Get a Grip (2)

Pencil GripsLast year I wrote about the importance of the pencil grip (here) and how I have been using pencil grips and large-sized pencils to help my sprog achieve the desired result. 6 months on and I am still battling with this, but I think I have found a way forward. Read More…

Stuck on Stickers

sticker book fun

I don’t remember when we got the first sticker activity book for our sprog, but I do know I will be getting some more! Read More…

Tummy Ache

Tummy Ache game

The other week I visited a fellow Brit. and father to two bilingual children. On a trip back to the U.K he bought two or three of the Orchard Toys range. We had a quick go with tummy ache and enjoyed it a lot! Read More…

Winter Wonderful

Mega Marbles

I saw this photo on a friend’s Facebook link. What a great idea. Those aren’t regular marbles, they’re balloon size! Read More…

Sir Ken is Animated

This is a truly great animation, but an even better speech. It relates just as much to our education of multilinguals at home as to the education of anybody else at school. Watch, and listen especially for the section on divergent thinking. Fascinating and potentially motivating stuff.

By The Book


As we move along through the books the number of points we need to practice increases. This week we have mostly been using Splat the Cat to practice words that contain -ake. Read More…

Treasure Hunt pdf

You can download this pdf of the treasure hunt activity I introduced recently here: Treasure Hunt. The first page is the key. The next page contains the clues. Go through the key with your child before you play. Make sure they know what is what. Have them cut out the clues and then you can play.