Sprog Log

On this page I hope to keep a fairly regular log of activity, moods, development and so forth that may bring me a little closer to understanding the learning that is taking place.


November 8th – Two weeks of too much work meant I spent less time with herself. It showed. Motivation dwindled and concentration ebbed. A concerted effort to get home earlier and be there for a story made the world of difference and we are making our way back to regular and productive morning study and enjoyable banter.

November 11th – Mid-day naps are now a thing of the past at my daughter’s nursery school. In one sense it’s great as she sleeps almost as soon as her head hits the pillow. It has also meant increased grumpiness. Hoping that this does not continue for too long. One comment while she niggled was about being referred to as ‘the kid who speaks English’ by one of her classmates. I am very sensitive about this on her behalf and must try not to get involved unless really necessary. She will have to deal with this sort of thing wherever we live.

November 18th – Another one day weekend for me. Tis the season for being busy at work. Am feeling the lack of time begin to grate a little. Made a new game of treasure hunt (see main blog) for her to play today and my father watched via skype from England as she both read the clues and used the key to decipher the ones she couldn’t. She was a bit shy reading in front of others at first, but once she realized she could do it she flew through them. Very proud.

November 21st – Work at the weekends continues, late nights too. The morning is fast becoming the only chance for meaningful communication. I have to be careful here that I don’t become more of a teacher than a parent. The balancing act. We managed to mingle a little play into the morning practice today too. One of the flashcards was ‘shy’. “What’s shy?” she asked. “Your little (toy) cat is shy isn’t she? She likes her own space and she is always quiet when she meets new people”. Satisfied with that, she then used the cat to practice the cards, with shy voice and all.

November 26th – Pencil grip. Despite my being fairly coercive, if left to her own devices the pencil grip reverts to something awkward. I see badly held pencils everyday at high school. It looks terrible and is obviously tiring. Perhaps I’m a little too concerned about this but I will not have her holding a pencil in a way that makes her look like nobody cared enough to correct it. Something tells me that simple direct instruction isn’t working. I must try to find something that does.

December 16th – Out shopping today before going back to the old country for Christmas. On the walk to the station we played ‘three things’ (see blog), then a few ‘What’s Dog without D /duh/? She doesn’t chatter so much in English when mum is about, but she likes the games. Last Friday I had the day off work so took her off school for a day and we did a day of errands. She was chattering away in English all day and it really made my day when she was making a game for the cat and telling him off for not playing it, in English and without my being involved. Must be doing something right!

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