Great Blogs and HP’s

Here are some of the interesting and useful resources I have found on the internet. If you can recommend a page, would like me to link to your blog or home page or if you cannot connect to any of the listed sites, please leave me a message in the comments box. Only approved sites will be listed. Messages will not always be published.

Balanced ReadingOn the subject of teaching and aquiring literacy.

Blinguals – “Raising bilinguals in a contemporary world”

Bilingual Families – “To support and promote more than one language in the family and the community”

Bilingual Monkies – An american father of two bilingual kids in Hiroshima, Japan. Great site full of ideas and advice. – “The site includes plenty of well proven, practical advice and information for any parent (or grandparent) whose children need help with the basics of reading, writing and spelling”

Education in Japan – “Features & info on educating kids in Japan”

Expats Since Birth – “A blog by an expat-since-birth multilingual mum in her fourties living in the Netherlands with her Swissgerman husband, son and twin-daughters, about being expat, parenting, twins and multilingualism”

Ms. Arnold’s First Grade Class – Lots of activity ideas from a first grade classroom teacher. Great for reading activities.

Multilingual Children – “Web-guide to raising multilingual children”

Multilingual Families UK – UK hub for finding multilingual families in your area.

Multicultural Living – “A place where parents raising children in more than one language and culture can find inspiration, tools, advice, wisdom and support”

Multilingual Mania – “Cutting-edge research, resources, and information”

My Bilingual Boys – Parent’s blog about raising bilingual children

Raising Bilingual Children – “Web page for parents seeking information related to questions about raising children in a bilingual environment”

Rhyme Time – “Stepping into the world of books and bringing them to life through music, movement, craft, storytelling, puppets and drama”

Science for Preschoolers – “Preschoolers are curious by nature. Use that curiosity to expand their understanding of the world and science.” Great for vocabulary building activities.

Spanglish Baby – “Two Latina moms who are extremely passionate about ensuring our children not only speak both our languages, but that they also grow up proud of both their cultures”

Starfall – “A free public service to teach children to read with phonics”

Strictly Speaking – “I record moments in our lives as French and English speakers bringing up a bilingual child, whilst living in each other’s

Sweetnet – Japanese mother raising her child in two languages (not regularly updated)

Teaching Library – “Teaching Library is the place to discover free teaching ideas and lesson resources linked to children’s books and literature.” A very good site!

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