This page contains links to the materials I have produced to help my daughter learn and read using the phonic alphabet. Digraphs are introduced in the same order as they appear in the Jolly Phonics student’s book. Reading prints are designed to follow my short daily practice routine: one reading passage per day. Currently, all materials are made using Microsoft Word. Files are then converted into pdf for web use. None of these materials are intended for sales. All of these materials will help your child to become a better reader. Just remember not to push your child too hard. Work with them at their pace. for numbers 0-4, Click on the title to go to the original blog post (recommended). Click on the image to go directly to the download.

0 The Phonic ABC

1 Practicing ‘the’ and the ‘ai’ sound

2 Practicing ‘the/this’ and the ‘ai’ sound

3 Practicing ‘the/this’ & ‘ai/oa’ sounds

4 Practicing ‘the/this’ & ‘ai/oa’ sounds cont.

To download from this point on, click the link below the title

5 Practicing ‘the/this & ai & oa’ sounds


6 Practicing ‘y /ie/ai/oa’


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