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Tricky Words

Jolly Phonics tricky words

First there were the letters, which combined to form words. Then came the other words and the spaces between them. Then came rules, then longer strings of words until all of a sudden there you are reading short sentences, then passages and then a book. Amazing what a little practice can do. Sadly though, it cannotĀ allĀ be plain sailing. There are those words which just don’t play by the rules.

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Jolly Phonics Cards

I bought them a couple of months ago. They have been sitting on the shelf. I was looking for another activity to vary the morning lesson activities. I took them off the shelf. They are great! Read More…

More reading prints

I have noticed an increase in the downloads of previous prints so I am uploading these two together. Download them from the downloads section.

I am very pleased that people are downloading and hopefully using the series, but hope that they will come back and tell me what works and what doesn’t.

If you download, please help me to make future materials better by leaving a comment about how you used them and how it went.


When two vowels go walking…

“When two vowels go walking, the first one does the talking”. I first heard this in one of the animations on the amazing free reading for kids website Starfall. It’s a beautiful little rhyme that my daughter is doing her best to remember, and the meaning of which is slowly sinking in. Read More…

Let’s Read 5

Latest in the series of reading activities for my 10 minute per day practice. My daughter is still having occasional troubles remembering the ‘ai’ & ”oa’ readings so this version gives more focus to those readings. Visit the downloads section to download a pdf or click lets read 5. As always, this is not intended for sale, only private use, and any feedback from those who have downloaded would be most welcome.

Let’s Read 4

My daughter is having great success using a combination of Jolly Phonics and these practice prints in our morning practice sessions. Read More…

Let’s Read 3

No.3 in a series. This time practicing the sight word ‘this’ with use of the word ‘the’ and review of the ‘ai’ sound. Read More…