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Blog for the Sprog

sprog blogI have been in a rut. She reads well now, but her writing skills need some work. Also, it has become difficult to maintain relevance since she started school. A few more Japanese words creeping into sentences, still a willingness to keep up with practice but the materials we are using are hardly very motivating. However you want to call a workbook, it’s still a workbook. So I decided to go digital.

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The Park

A beautiful day in Nagoya today and a perfect chance to get out with young lady for a morning in the park. Today we made a river that flowed down into a lake. It was a chance to use new words like ‘gravity’ and ‘flow’. Time spent together is seldom wasted, though neither is it overused. We played catch and practiced riding her new bike. Fun is an education in itself!

The Khan Academy

In a previous post I wrote about the inability of technology to compensate for a lack of attention and time in early childhood education. Soon after, my father told me about Salman Khan. Have you ever thought that the inter-web could actually be put to better use than ‘liking’ your friend’s hangover? Salman Khan believes that he has the answer to many problems in modern education, and that by using his web-based tools the world can educate itself – for free.
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Power of The Pen

Two postcards arrived recently from abroad. One from my mother and one from a friend of this blog Chris Drew, based in France. Chris and I agreed at his suggestion to start sending the occasional postcard to each other. They are a useful talking point with your child, opening up conversations about location and offering an opportunity to read genuine communicative language. Mine has not progressed enough to write, or to read the beautifully written cards, but Chris had his daughters write the one he sent. Here are some extracts from some of the mails Chris sent me. They are interesting, informative and motivational. Read More…