Starfall Revisited

Starfall_websiteI have blogged about Starfall before, but it was free at that time, and there was no mobile app. Now it’s a paid service with a mobile app, but it still provides some activities for free. My daughter was enjoying them so much I decided to pay for a year’s license.The sprog is 7 now, and already wanting her own smart phone or a Nintendo DS. Simple answer, forget it 🙂

She has access when she asks permission to a first generation ipad, and for the time being I think that is enough. I have always used it as a motivational tool but the apps I have used have provided so much more. A well designed app will provide practice and improve ability. That is just what Starfall can do.

The price for 1 year’s access was $35. For this we not only get the language practice but also basic math problems too. The activities are simple and easy to follow. They use puzzles, songs, games that require simple spacial reasoning and provide visual cues, so it means that none of the activities are too daunting. And it’s all in English.

The only trouble now is to make sure she isn’t on it every spare moment 🙂

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