Junior Scrabble Review

Now that herself is old enough (6), board games are very much on the cards. She got Monopoly, but scrabble is a huge leap for the young reader who is not so used to this kind of language production.
We tried Junior Scrabble in order to help her towards this huge goal.

As it says on the box, this version has two games in one. The most basic is ‘words and pictures’. This introduces the tiles and the basis of the game, and helps to familiarize sprogs with the way words are constructed both vertically, horizontally and through each other in scrabble. It’s probably good practice to read through those words before you begin, but there are also pictures to help.

The words are already present on the board. At this level there are basic rules suitable for the young such as not being able to play a letter until the preceding letter has been played. Once a player completes a word, they receive a point counter.

I wasn’t sure that this level would be very engaging, but it seems to help that the rules require some thought before laying a tile. It seems that while I was away on business my daughter even played this with a non-English speaking friend. The rules could be used for a self-made game board if you wanted to broaden the vocabulary experience.

Although I doubt that the cardboard counters that came with the game will survive long if kids play this by themselves, I think that this version of the game provides a workable introduction to the game of scrabble. It may take a while to get to the next level, but I will post updates or experience as things progress.

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One response to “Junior Scrabble Review”

  1. Chris says :

    Sounds great Nick. We also play scrabble with our sprogs, and both can now play a mean game. Word games are really excellent, and great ‘family’ time. Lovely to hear sprog has been playing with it even when you are not there. Sounds like some progress on that front as well. Keep up the good work, and best wishes for 2015.

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