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Have an iPad? Any model will do. The Educreations app for iPad can turn it into a mobile story creator.

The Educreations app here is aimed at teachers wishing to create a dynamic (moving) presentation for upload to the internet. The free version can be used to help your child unleash their story telling abilities.

On the app whiteboard, you can draw pictures in various colours and narrate the story. This can be recorded as you go. Once one scene has been recorded, flip to a new page and begin the next. When all are finished you can save them to the library and play them back.


And this doesn’t have to be a solitary experience. You can create a story together of course, but it also works well if you can get kids together to co-author a story. The fact that they can play it back and listen to / watch their own story is a real motivator. If you want to make the stories visible on the web you will have to sign up for membership, but for home purposes just bypass this.

Motivating your child to speak in their second language can be tough. I was lucky I think that I introduced this in English, and my little one has associated it with English story telling ever since. At the moment she is using the iPad 1 to record a story about a little girl having a mountain adventure. Educreations allow old versions of the app to be downloaded to suit you iPad iOS. Very generous!

Do I feel it is right to have kids working on the iPad all the time? No. Do I feel it can be an effective tool in your toolbox for motivating the sprog to use the second language? Yes, of course. Keep the activities varied, and light the fires of their imaginations. ‘Do it regularly, but keep it short’ is my general rule for practice sessions, but in this case if they are making a story by themselves then it’s up to them.

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