Free & Easy


From Oxford University Press, a fantastic resource for you. Free.

All I can say is that this is what the internet was invented for. Register with this site Oxford Owl and you will have access to an awful lot of graded reading content for free.

In my household, my daughter is still more inclined to pick up a Japanese book to read than to choose an English one. That said, whenever I ask her to read to me in English she never declines, but it’s rare that she chooses for herself.

Now, I have the added variant (as will you if you register for free) to offer reading on the iPad, and I’m sure you know the ‘motivational’ effect that these gadgets have on kids.

But I’m not just talking about bribery (although that works), it’s about varying the options. I have always found this key to maintaining interest. The option to offer reading on the tablet as well as the cards, the books and all the others is another valuable resource; and portable too!

Register today and receive a free resource! I wouldn’t say that all the content is as interesting as I would have liked, but I’m not looking this gifted horse in the mouth!

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