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Handwriting Practice

Nothing ground breaking here, just to introduce a good book and tell you why I like it.I wanted a nice practice book to keep the sprog writing without too much fuss. Lots of time spent away from home recently, and I need to leave activities that can be completed without much instruction in a 10 minute limit and still have value.

This book was a quick pick from a bookshop in England a couple of years ago. I’m sure there are many like it. It is available in cursive and pre-cursive letters (I went pre-cursive of course). It is useful to help my daughter distinguish between the ups and downs in different letters and keeps her reading at the same time. It is themes, so that one page practices colour words, another a different theme.

Ken Robinson called a lot of school work ‘Low grade clerical work’. Yes, it’s true this is an example of such, but as long as this is not the only practice it’s great. It is designed to be the right sized linesĀ for little writers and suits us well. It will be finished soon though, so if you have any suggestions….



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