Pop-Up Cards


making cards

Every occasion in the calendar provides an opportunity to do some sort of themed activity with the sprog. None so easy as making christmas cards. We used one of my resource books from when I was teaching in England to make some pop up christmas cards.

Making christmas cards serves many purposes: enjoyment, motor control, working together, new vocabulary, writing practice etc. Pop up cards are just a little added extra fun.The resource book I used is JET Primary Resource 1. You can read a little about it here. Sadly, when I checked the same text on Amazon it came up as 9000 yen with the second book in the series being in the 70 thousand yen range. I’m assuming this is because it’s aimed at schools and is a photocopiable resource. Glad I got mine years ago!

There are however many resources on the web for making pop up cards. Click here to see a really nice page with video instructions for each step. Click here for a downloadable template for an angel card. I’m sure there are many more resources out there for free.

Working together with your sprog to make things is one of the best ways to improve their language skills especially listening :).

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