Read It Yourself

Level 1 little red hen

Another great series! When you have worked through the Peter and Jane series then it`s time for a change. Not just reading practice now, but real stories!

Follow the site link here to learn more about the ‘Read It Yourself’ series. There are also some good tips for using each level of the series here.

Now, the reason I like this series is the simplicity. In the two that we have (the above and the ugly duckling), the story is built around a repetitive structure. It uses roughly the same phrase on each page which makes it so much easier to read for the beginner. There is also the feeling of having experienced a challenge for the reader as new words are found on each page, with the most difficult being often repeated.

The stories are the old classics like ‘The Gingerbread Man’ and also ( I have just discovered) a mixture of new titles based on my daughter`s favourite TV shows such as Charlie and Lola. They are likely to provide the interest that will get her picking up the books by herself. This (of course) is my dream and ultimate goal, and I am very happy to have found a series that will help me achieve it.

On a slightly different note I wanted to mention that I have been posting less than usual recently due to a career change that takes me to very interesting places, often for extended periods. This is another post in the making, but I do hope that the new read it yourself books that I am about to order will get picked up by the sprog during those times when I am not there to prompt. However busy, I will continue to write this blog and would love the feedback and any suggestions you have for books and activities.

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4 responses to “Read It Yourself”

  1. Chris Drew says :

    Another great series Nick! Our sprogs has this series as well, and it definitely helps ‘bridge’ over to other books. We also had quite a few from this series by Ladybird

    which are the ‘next step up’ (I can’t find the series on the Ladybird website… for us it was series 9010, but plenty on ebay etc.). This series definitely provides opportunity for autonomous reading!

    best wishes as always


  2. teachthesprog says :

    Great advice! I ordered (and finally received) more from this series and they are great. I will have a look at those you suggested today.

  3. Jenny says :

    We’ve got this one too! At the moment, we’re working our way through the Oxford Reading Tree Books, which have the added advantage of free e-books (here, so we can vary the main activity (reading) between the real book and the allure of online button-pressing.
    I’m also using the Booktrust’s website ( as a reference for inspiring, intriguing and beautiful books, so I can keep my daughter engaged with stories in English and keep aware of new books myself. There’s some real works of art out there!
    Perhaps unrelated, but we’ve built front-facing shelves in her bedroom, so she can see the book covers (sort of like this This has had a huge impact on encouraging her to go and pick up books to look through them herself…

    • teachthesprog says :

      Fantastic information, thanks! I agree the front facing idea is good. Am set to do a major reform of the furniture and layout in the appartment (cash allowing) soon, so will keep that in mind!

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