The Next Bridge

peter and jane 3C

Long time no posting. We are still here and still working hard. The latest in a long line of bridges is the written word. Thanks (once again) to the penguin ‘key words’ series and to Chris for suggesting it.

The Penguin Key Words series is a regular feature on this blog. In short, my daughter learned to read words using phonics, but she is learning to read books using a mixture of phonics and whole word reading. The key words series offers graded reading practice and each grade contains three books , so the very first grade contains 1a, 1b and 1c. The first two (a +b) introduce and then practice vocabulary. The last (c) encourages children to write. We have just started 3C.

In Japanese there is a great proverb ‘急がば回れ’, which roughly translates to mean ‘if you are in a hurry, go round’. Sometimes, the most direct route is not the quickest. If, like me, your goal is to develop your child’s weaker language ability, then the spoken word will suffice for a short time, but in the long run it will likely prove to be insufficient. A language is made up of much more than the spoken word. If your child is able to read and write in the weaker language they will have a much better chance of maintaining an interest and developing skills. This is the longer route, with many bridges to cross.

More on this in the near future I suspect, but for now a nod to the Jolly Phonics team (and again my mentor Chris) for including the written form into their program. Now that she has gained some confidence in her ability to read, my daughter is now developing an interest in writing as well. Another bridge to be crossed, more lessons to be learned by both of us.lessons


One response to “The Next Bridge”

  1. Chris Drew says :

    Hi! In French, there is an expression which translates as “little by little the bird makes its nest”, which I think is a lovely way to proceed. Onwards and upwards!

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