The Equalizer Ⅱ

The Equalizer

Continuing on from my post about finding balance in the sprog’s bilingual reading, here is an update. A progress report really, because we are progressing, but I have been forced to address issues of balance in an imbalanced situation.

The equalizer chart was an attempt to bring some balance to the reading habits of a child who has just begun to read one of the most accessible alphabets on the planet; one with direct sound/symbol relationship. Sadly it’s not English, or I would not be facing the challenge I do now. Still, onwards and upwards!

As you can see from the photo, the sprog has progressed quite well. After difficulties talked about in the previous post I have made sure that she has access to graded reading at her level. Pictured are the Key Words series by Ladybird and the Jolly Phonics graded readers. Both are well within her range. For each book she completes she colours a square. The Jolly Phonics readers are very short and the lowest levels are barely more than 8 sentences, but they are suitable for her level and in the language I want her to be reading. She is still forging ahead in Japanese reading books of between 10 and 20 pages. After each one she colours a square.

Do see a lack of balance in this reading? Of course the Japanese books she is reading are longer. However, we mustn’t forget that the English language is, at this early level, much more complex.  There is little actual challenge in reading the Japanese books written only in hiragana, but the English language in her short books contains consonant blends, silent letters, digraphs and sight words at the very least. There is balance of difficulty there for sure, just unequal volumes.

I have promised her a new attachment to the trashy plastic toy grandma bought her recently (which of course she loves) if she can finish both columns by the weekend. As it is just the two of us tonight (mum on a well deserved night out) I think we will get that done.

Balance is something to aim for. I will continue with this method for another turn and see if I can’t find some more interesting materials to get her reading.

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2 responses to “The Equalizer Ⅱ”

  1. Chris Drew says :

    Keep going Nick! I agree, balance is key, and the idea of getting interesting stuff. Best wishes, Chris

  2. teachthesprog says :

    Always appreciate the encouragement Chris. Uphill struggle sometimes!

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