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The End of the Word

word endings

The end of the word, not world. It can feel like it when the sprog is struggling on and then just loses concentration, but there is a great book and a simple method to help them move towards whole word recognition that compliments their skills learned in studying phonics.

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Lack of Sleep?

Sleep needs chart

Cat amongst the pigeons time. How much sleep do your kids need? What are the benefits of good sleep and what are the side effects of lack of sleep? What relationship does sleep have to the ability to concentrate? All of this and a bucket full of ADHD. What a recipe. (Image taken from a BBC webzine article here) Read More…

The Equalizer Ⅱ

The Equalizer

Continuing on from my post about finding balance in the sprog’s bilingual reading, here is an update. A progress report really, because we are progressing, but I have been forced to address issues of balance in an imbalanced situation. Read More…

Clouds on a Sunny Day

cloudy sky

It is a beautiful day today, but there were clouds in our house as the issue of balanced reading and practice became a problem. Read More…

How Books Can Open Your Mind

Well worth watching, and good advice. Comparative reading for the bilingual child could help them to truly experience their bicultural heritage.