How It Was, How It Is


Well it was never quite like that, but sometimes it was a battle. I have taken some time over the past week to write what I think is a fairly comprehensive report on my efforts introducing literacy to my daughter and developing that to the point of reading.

You can download the report by clicking this link: Introducing literacy. I would welcome comments, even criticism. I relied heavily on the writings of the Bilingual Special Interests Group as much available literature does not relate to raising children in Japan. You can download some of them right now here. There is some very interesting research and they are worth reading even if you are not in Japan.

My effort deals with my efforts to teach reading in the weaker language. Since the sprog started nursery school here, that is certainly what English has become. However, now that she has learned the basics of reading she will have that skill forever, and it will develop. It is not something that she needs to parade in front of others, it is a skill that can take her to different world in the comfort of our living room.

So, download, read and give me a shout. What is your situation and how did you get there?

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2 responses to “How It Was, How It Is”

  1. Chris Drew says :

    Nice one Nick! Very clear and I would second everything you’ve written here.

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