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How It Was, How It Is


Well it was never quite like that, but sometimes it was a battle. I have taken some time over the past week to write what I think is a fairly comprehensive report on my efforts introducing literacy to my daughter and developing that to the point of reading. Read More…

Questions for Kids

questions for kidsI made this on the fly today. It’s an offshoot of the reading from one of my MA modules and is based on a table I saw on the web. Although I’m sure there are areas that need a re-think, it was an interesting challenge. It highlighted for me the need to talk around a subject and ask more questions to further increase the range of language I use with my daughter. Read More…

Growing Pains

in the cold

As much as I try to support my daughter in her bicultural life, there are some times when it is painful to be the minority language parent. This is an example of one such difficult time. Read More…

Reading Well

Reading Well

Follow the link below to see a video of the sprog reading Key Words. Of course she needs help, but that’s what we’re here for!

reading well