Story Cubes and Calendars

Calendar story

My first ever post on this blog was about Rory’s Story Cubes, given to me by a friend.  Recently they made a comeback in our house after we were given a calendar we didn’t need.

Originally, when we first used the cubes, we rolled the dice and tried to make a story out of the face up pictures. My daughter, displaying the unbounded mental process of a three-year old, took to going back to previous elements in the story and changing the picture, thereby changing the story. I loved it.

The calendar came from a family member. We use them, but not big wall calendars. We gave it to the sprog to draw on. Then I had an idea. We used story cubes to create a 30 stage story. Previously we used to roll all the dice at the same time. This time we took turns to roll one at a time and draw our story in the squares.

The results were hysterical. So abstract in so many ways, the sprog was still unused to abstracting stories from images. Her parts of the story became literal descriptions of the pictures: “Then, an arrow came down from the sky” (picture of an arrow), “Then the lightning came down from the sky” (picture of lightning). As we progressed, they changed a little as she realized the possibilities. The second time we tried a calendar story she was a little less dependant on the picture. I am aiming for no holds barred flights of fancy.

Obviously the benefits of this activity are time spent together, the chance to use language you may never normally use, the chance to help your child develop as a story-teller and the practice holding pencils and drawing. We pinned up the finished stories on the wall.


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