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Along with your fascinating conversations about gravity and the size of elephants, the subject of basic manners should be part of the language input for your child. Here is a great little book to help introduce basic manners.

In our house we have many books about going to the toilet, germs, being polite and all the little things that we need to teach our children… in Japanese. Not one in English. Last week I ordered “Excuse Me! A Little Book of Manners” to try to redress the balance.

Such a simple little book, but very effective. My four-year old daughter is a very polite girl, but sometimes she forgets when we are at home that simple manners are important at home too. At an age where so many books are blasting moral fibre into their young minds, I don’t want to over do it. This book takes a few basic points and makes them well. It is not expensive and can be found on Amazon.

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2 responses to “Manners”

  1. Chris Drew says :

    And you have a Bagpuss! A furry old cloth cat puss. And does sprog love him like Emily? ;-))) You know you can buy all the episodes on DVD?

    I mean, we know it’s for the kids, but I had to go out and buy the DVD of Willo the Wisp, and the whole of Mary, Mungo and Midge. Rainy afternoons etc. I mean, obviously for the kids. Obviously….

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