Get a Grip (2)

Pencil GripsLast year I wrote about the importance of the pencil grip (here) and how I have been using pencil grips and large-sized pencils to help my sprog achieve the desired result. 6 months on and I am still battling with this, but I think I have found a way forward.

The correct grip will stop your child’s hands and arms from becoming tired so quickly after long periods of writing. It also looks terrible if they can’t hold a pencil correctly. Especially as they move up through the education system.

The difficulty with the young children is that they are constantly re-inventing ways of doing things. My daughter may start correctly, but if I’m not careful she soon reverts back to something that looks very uncomfortable indeed. I wasn’t winning, even with the grooved pencil grips.

Now, however, I believe I have hit upon a solution, and it was right under my nose all the time. This is a video I linked to in the first post:

Now, before writing practice we follow these simple steps. Pick it up, swing it over and support it underneath. It works to raise awareness and helps to keep the grip correct. I have some new pencil grips from the U.K (pictured above). They help little fingers hold on to what is actually a very delicate writing instrument (the pencil) without too much strain, but they are not grooved for the finger positions. I hope these and the pick-up routine will help my sprog become a competent gripper. If not, look out for part 3.



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