Stuck on Stickers

sticker book fun

I don’t remember when we got the first sticker activity book for our sprog, but I do know I will be getting some more!

Pictured is the ‘Charlie & Lola – My Very Busy Sticker Book’. After I had seen a couple of episodes I bought the DVD box set and can honestly say that one program a day helped my daughter’s listening and vocabulary skills no end (not to mention the cultural references). We have a region free DVD player which I can also highly recommend.

So why spend more money on a sticker book? In this case it is a story and activity book, so even when the sticking has finished you still have the story. The real value is the way you use it. If you sit with your child and stick the stickers together there are a multitude of conversations just waiting to happen.

There is the vocabulary of the pictures and stickers themselves. Look at the roly hay-bales in the picture for instance. They were part of the scenery in my childhood but not in my daughter’s. I was really happy to tell her about them, how I used to climb on them with friends and imagine rolling them down hills (not that I did…).

There are also the conversations about which stickers belong where. The picture book was great in that it had many surplus stickers. So many in fact that we wondered where to put them all. Many good conversations about what should go where and why.

In the U.K we picked up a Gruffalo sticker book that was a little more conservative in its sticker allowance, but still the act of sticking provided a chance to verbally go over the story of the Gruffalo while we stuck.

Sticker books are also nice little activities for improving those fine motor functions and for helping children concentrate on details (unless you let them at it unsupervised, in which case a pack of cheap stickers and some blank paper will do just as well).

All in all, the sticker books worked really well for us. I should say that they allowed us to work really well together!


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