Tummy Ache

Tummy Ache game

The other week I visited a fellow Brit. and father to two bilingual children. On a trip back to the U.K he bought two or three of the Orchard Toys range. We had a quick go with tummy ache and enjoyed it a lot!

There is no strategy. It’s a game of luck. Take turns to take a card and place it in the correct place on your table. The first person to get a full set wins, but should you get a maggot infested pizza or a desert covered in flies, everyone calls out “Tummy Ache!”. That’s it.

Why is this good for out children? Obviously the food vocabulary is there, and the cultural aspect of it being all foreign (if you live in Japan) food. The main point however is the ease with which it can be played. It’s a great game for introducing young children to the world of games and it’s a good excuse to sit the family down together. It doesn’t take long and there are the beginnings of many interesting conversations to be found while playing.

Visit the Orchard Toys website here to see a review from an independent source.

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