Rhyme Robber

Rhyme Robber

Happy new year! Back from the old country with a bag full of books and this game. What a great game, and perfect for my sprog’s reading level. 

You can read about Rhyme Robber on the maker’s website here, but it is cheaper to buy on Amazon here. The point of the game is to match rhyming pairs of cards and collect them. The winner is the person with the most cards collected. Up to 4 players can play at one time. It’s difficult to find an aspect of this game which hasn’t been well thought out. According to the box, the game has been designed to:

  • Encourage observation and language skills
  • Develop sound recognition and rhyming skills
  • Develop social communication skills
  • Links with the (British) national curriculum key stage 1.

Rhyme awareness is indicative of the child’s level of phonological awareness. Developing rhyme awareness helps to develop phonological awareness.

Here is a quick run through of why this game is great for us:

  1. The cards are colourful and printed on thick, durable card.
  2. The words used in the game are accessible to young readers. Basic digraphs and silent e’s make the majority of the words.
  3. The words are colour coded to make recognizing rhyme easier. The box says age 5-9, but it is accessible to younger players with help.
  4. Play took us one game to master completely.No difficult rules.
  5. Play is simple. The game finishes within 10 minutes. Perfect for the short attention spans.

One point that I find works well when we play other games is to begin by asking who will win. The answer is always “I don’t know”, but the point is made. It could be you if play your cards right, but I tend to see tears if she loses unless we begin this way.

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