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Back to The Old Country


We (the sprog, the mother and I) are in The UK for a break. Will be reporting on the range of reading/writing related materials I have either bought or seen in my brief visits to the bookshops (sick child, no time) as soon as I get a minute to myself. Next year? 🙂

Sites of Interest

site headersTwo sites that are worth introducing: Balanced Reading is aimed at teachers teaching children to read and Expats Since Birth is a blog about raising bilingual children. Both are well written, both offer valuable advice. Read More…

What’s a Dog with no D?

FarSide Deer

Gary Larson’s work is great. Why the deer?  ‘What do you call a deer with no eyes? No idea’ (no-eye-deer). So what do you call a dog with no ‘d’? A car with no ‘c’? A chair with no ‘ch’? If your child is getting to grips with reading and if they have a fairly good grasp of how sounds make words then they can probably tell you. Read More…

By The Book


As we move along through the books the number of points we need to practice increases. This week we have mostly been using Splat the Cat to practice words that contain -ake. Read More…