Jolly Phonics Cards

I bought them a couple of months ago. They have been sitting on the shelf. I was looking for another activity to vary the morning lesson activities. I took them off the shelf. They are great!

The box set of the cards is separated into 4 sets:

  • Letter sound flash cards
  • Regular word blending cards
  • Alternative word blending cards
  • Tricky words

My young lady is slowly working through the student’s books and workbooks and we also use my ‘Let’s Read’ series (see downloads), but I felt we needed something else to try and help speed up her word recognition. The cards are all printed with dots beneath the words that represent the separate sounds in the words. I simply chose a representative selection of words that included the structures we had learned so far and we went through about 20 cards in the first sitting. Since then I have added a few more.

Each time she reads a card I give it to her. By the end she has quite a thick wedge of cards in her hand. It’s yet another way (such as the stars on the reading prints) to help them see how much they can do; to give them a sense of achievement.

I am thinking about creating a very simple version of the ‘Leitner System‘ using actual boxes. It may or may not help us to better develop her vocabulary. More on that if it happens. For the time being, the cards are in the desk now, not on the shelf. Glad I finally got around to using them.

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