Treasure Hunt

Excuse the photo quality (you get the picture). Today was rainy. We were stuck indoors and were looking for something to do. This activity took 5 minutes to draw, a couple to set up, and was played 3 times in succession. It involves reading and  letter matching and was lots of fun for my four-year old.

You need 3 pieces of paper and a pen. On the first piece draw the treasure hunt key. This will help your sprog decode the clues as they may not be able to read some of the words on the clue sheets. Next fold the other two pieces of paper into 4 and tear to make 8 clue sheets. On these, using the prepositions and objects from the key, write your clues. Choose a prize, hide it in one of the locations and lay your trail of clues in reverse order (starting with the one that leads to the prize). Couldn’t be simpler.

My daughter quickly got the idea and by the third time we played she barely needed the key. After she found her prize she laid a trail of clues for mum. Again, she had to read each clue before she knew where to put the next one. Now the format is understood I see no reason why the next time we play I can’t make the sentences a little longer and increase the number of clues.

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