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Let’s Read More

A new print for the regular daily reading practice. I am trying to develop my daughter’s reading from a strictly phonic reading style towards a more fluid sight-reading style. To do this I am using the same words, print after print, with the hope that this will encourage recognition of patterns. Download the pdf lets read 8.


Treasure Hunt pdf

You can download this pdf of the treasure hunt activity I introduced recently here: Treasure Hunt. The first page is the key. The next page contains the clues. Go through the key with your child before you play. Make sure they know what is what. Have them cut out the clues and then you can play.

The Ultimate Plaything?

The idea that boxes are fun is, I suppose, nothing new. But the teacher in the article linked below makes a really good point when he says that regular toys are prescriptive, the have ‘pre-assigned value’. The boxes allow children to discover and create a use for themselves. I think I have just found the ultimate party toy! (link to video and article here.)

The Kids Of Carcassonne

Like games? This game is nothing short of genius. It’s another recommendation from the friend that introduced me to Story Cubes. We started my daughter off playing when she was three. It took a little while for her to grasp the concept, but now she plays a mean game! Read More…

Jolly Phonics Cards

I bought them a couple of months ago. They have been sitting on the shelf. I was looking for another activity to vary the morning lesson activities. I took them off the shelf. They are great! Read More…

Treasure Hunt

Excuse the photo quality (you get the picture). Today was rainy. We were stuck indoors and were looking for something to do. This activity took 5 minutes to draw, a couple to set up, and was played 3 times in succession. It involves reading and  letter matching and was lots of fun for my four-year old. Read More…

Baby Brains

“Patricia Kuhl shares astonishing findings about how babies learn one language over another — by listening to the humans around them and “taking statistics” on the sounds they need to know. Clever lab experiments (and brain scans) show how 6-month-old babies use sophisticated reasoning to understand their world.” (from the TED website)

So, if you have ever doubted the advice about reading to your children in order to help them improve their language ability (abilities), doubt no more!

More reading prints

I have noticed an increase in the downloads of previous prints so I am uploading these two together. Download them from the downloads section.

I am very pleased that people are downloading and hopefully using the series, but hope that they will come back and tell me what works and what doesn’t.

If you download, please help me to make future materials better by leaving a comment about how you used them and how it went.


When two vowels go walking…

“When two vowels go walking, the first one does the talking”. I first heard this in one of the animations on the amazing free reading for kids website Starfall. It’s a beautiful little rhyme that my daughter is doing her best to remember, and the meaning of which is slowly sinking in. Read More…