Three Things


A busy weekend for my wife left me alone with my daughter for the day on Saturday. We had lunch together and took off to shop for mum’s birthday present. The little lady was sleepy. She didn’t want to look at mummy presents. As luck would have it I saw the perfect present in a shop window, bought it and we left the shopping arcade for a friend’s house.

It was quite a walk. I put young lady on my shoulders and we set off. Keen to use the time productively, I asked her to tell me five things she could see. “Bike, door, shoes, road, cars!”. Four year olds are always eager to please.

My turn. “Window, stones, posters, digger, truck”. I realised that although I was surrounded by things, it was actually quite difficult to produce a list of five. We narrowed it to three and spent the rest of the 15 minute walk pointing out things we could see. Some got repeated, but mostly they were new. I have tried it again since and she still enjoys it. What a great little vocabulary game.

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