Orange Pear Apple Bear

Here is a great book to help the little one start reading. You can cheat a bit with this because it’s a book they can read without really reading.

Winner of the Kate Greenaway medal for another of her picture books ‘Wolves’, artist and author Emily Gravett creates a story with only five words in the entire book. Four of these appear in the title.

I first came across her work when my wife bought a copy of ‘Spells’. The artwork is beautiful and humorous and the storyline a real change from some of the sickly sweet content some authors seem to think every children’s book needs.

Read a very interesting interview with the author in The Guardian (2006) here. Visit her official website here.

An interesting website called the ‘Teaching Library’ gives you lots of ideas for extra activities based on this book. Visit that page here.

As for reading without reading, this shouldn’t be too difficult for children age four upwards. Each word used is introduced one by one at the beginning of the book. Treat them as sight words for the purpose of this activity and ask your child to remember them ‘as is’. They should pick them up fairly quickly. From then on they can probably read most of the book by themselves. A great little confidence builder, and a great way to introduce them to the joy of reading whole books.


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