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Are We There Yet?

Time to put the word back into wordpress! I took a short break from posting while I completed the first written task for an MA in TESOL. Will be posting bilingualism related interestingness from the course texts later I am sure. So, right back to books that help your child to develop their language skills. This one was recommended by an Australian friend and it represents a real step up from simple story/picture books to educational reading. Read More…


The Park

A beautiful day in Nagoya today and a perfect chance to get out with young lady for a morning in the park. Today we made a river that flowed down into a lake. It was a chance to use new words like ‘gravity’ and ‘flow’. Time spent together is seldom wasted, though neither is it overused. We played catch and practiced riding her new bike. Fun is an education in itself!

Orange Pear Apple Bear

Here is a great book to help the little one start reading. You can cheat a bit with this because it’s a book they can read without really reading. Read More…

Three Things


A busy weekend for my wife left me alone with my daughter for the day on Saturday. We had lunch together and took off to shop for mum’s birthday present. The little lady was sleepy. She didn’t want to look at mummy presents. As luck would have it I saw the perfect present in a shop window, bought it and we left the shopping arcade for a friend’s house. Read More…

Let’s Read 5

Latest in the series of reading activities for my 10 minute per day practice. My daughter is still having occasional troubles remembering the ‘ai’ & ”oa’ readings so this version gives more focus to those readings. Visit the downloads section to download a pdf or click lets read 5. As always, this is not intended for sale, only private use, and any feedback from those who have downloaded would be most welcome.

The Khan Academy

In a previous post I wrote about the inability of technology to compensate for a lack of attention and time in early childhood education. Soon after, my father told me about Salman Khan. Have you ever thought that the inter-web could actually be put to better use than ‘liking’ your friend’s hangover? Salman Khan believes that he has the answer to many problems in modern education, and that by using his web-based tools the world can educate itself – for free.
Read More…

Let’s Read 4

My daughter is having great success using a combination of Jolly Phonics and these practice prints in our morning practice sessions. Read More…