Monkey Puzzle

From the writer and illustrator of ‘The Gruffalo’ comes ‘Monkey Puzzle’. “It’s not a puzzle, it’s a book”, my daughter pointed out. “Well…. There’s this monkey, see? And he’s…. puzzled.” You can imagine how that continued. The great thing about the edition I bought (here) is that it comes with a CD recording of the story and an extra Monkey Puzzle song. What’s good about it?

Like The Gruffalo, this book is written using rhythmic rhyme. It’s the story of a little monkey looking for his mum. Of course he finds her, but not until he has been taken on a tour of the jungle by a well-meaning butterfly. It’s well written (of course) and the illustration is equally good. It is repetitive, which will help keep the younger children involved. It also playfully describes a variety of jungle animals, so useful for those of us hoping to improve our children’s descriptive ability.

Now the CD is a gem! Beautifully read by British actress Imelda Staunton, it’s great for bedtime, or once in a portable device it’s a must for a car journey. The book and CD came as a set, but some editions do not seem to include the CD (the CD is of course available on its own). However it comes, It’s a worthwhile addition to your children’s library. Read more about Julia Donaldson’s books here.

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