Let’s Read 2

Number two in the series of prints I am making to help my daughter practice her reading within the time-frame we have and at the level we have learned to. We follow the Jolly Phonics series and have worked up to the digraph ‘ai’ (as in train)  in the students book and are now starting the third workbook. Continue reading to download this print.

Before starting this series she had already learned the phonic values of the alphabet by using another home-made print you can download on this site here. Use this link: Lets read 2 to download a pdf of this new print to try with your child.

After making and using the first ‘Let’s Read print, I decided to simplify the word shower activity to only search for one sight word (a word that cannot be read by using phonic value). That word is then repeated in each step of the reading exercises. The main aims of this print are:

  • To get my daughter used to reading sentences as part of a longer passage
  • To introduce and help her to remember the sight word ‘the’
  • To practice the reading of the digraph ‘ai’

I hope it works as well for you as it seems to be doing for me. Do the word shower activity and mark a tally in the box below. Read one passage a day in your practice period and colour the star when you have finished. Any comments? Please let me know as they will help me to improve future prints.

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