Jolly Useful 2

I’m not really sure who this app was designed for. Certainly for English language learners, but not children. There are no games, the ‘play’ is a standard flash card style and there are no cheering pencils  to encourage you do more. This is however a great app for parents who are teaching their kids to read using a system such as Jolly Phonics. It’s a very handy thing to keep for killing time when you are out and about.

In the Jolly phonics system, children are taught the main 42 letter sounds of the English language including digraphs (sh, ai, ue). There are many resources to help the young learner get used to reading these sounds in words, but this app, Phonics Genius,  compliments the series by providing word lists separated into same sound groups. You can use it with the sound on and have each word pronounced for you, or you can turn your phone to manner mode and ask your child to read the words containing the sound you have just learned.

Read the review of this app on the App Annie homepage. The two points I really like about this app are:

✔ Ability to add your own cards – you can add an unlimited number of new words and record your own voice.

✔ Add new lists – you can add and group flash cards into customizable lists which is ideal for learning.

I also like that it is free! The recording doesn’t seem to be permanent, but it’s a fun tool. The customizable list is a great way for parents to keep a ready-made list of words in their pocket ready to give a pop quiz to their child as and when the chance arises.



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