Let’s Read

After deciding that I needed to include a little more reading practice into our daily routine, I made this first print to help my daughter get used to reading words as part of longer sentences, and sentences as part of longer passages. You can download it here (pdf) and try for yourself. I made it adapting one idea from a great site called ‘Rhyme Time’ and with the hope of providing just a little practice at a time.

The word shower is the adapted activity. It’s a great idea that helps to introduce difficult words. Ask your child to circle the first target word ‘this’ with a colour pencil and use that colour to circle all the others in the box with the same colour. Have them count up how many they found and write the total in the space provided below (we did a tally). Repeat with the other target words using different colours.

It was the first time for my daughter to have a go at ‘this’ ‘that’ and ‘the’, so I asked her to pronounce the word each time she circled one. She still tried to approach the word by sounding it out when she saw it in the following passage, but a little more practice and I hope she will remember the shape.

The short reading practice (and the words from the word shower) were made using words or blends that have appeared in the Jolly Phonics pupil book 1 (up to and including page 20). Sit with your child and read one a day if, like mine, they still have a very short attention span or you have limited time. For those slightly older, let them read through at their own pace. Colour the star after each passage read.

If you do try this print, please let me know how it worked for you (I think the story content could do with more work). Constructive criticism welcome. Any feedback will be taken into account when I make the next one.

The print was made using clip art from microsoft word and as such is limited to private use.

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One response to “Let’s Read”

  1. teachthesprog says :

    Three things I have learned by making the print and trying it with my daughter:
    The font should have been a more standardized font as the small g is not easy for my daughter.
    The reading passages need not be related if reading one passage a day. Just reading three short sentences in one day is enough (however the continued theme is quite useful).
    Colouring the stars after each passage has been read really works for the child.

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