Jolly Useful

I have written about this before, but I can’t overstate the usefulness of this as a hands off helper. 

Hung at four-year old eye level, I use this 100 yen whiteboard to review the most recent points covered in the Jolly Phonics syllabus. I have been using this or it’s like for some time. It took a little time to get my daughter used to it, but once she did she enjoyed finding a new word or sentence written on the board and she will try by herself to read it. Once she has read it she will go and do something else. It takes me almost no time to choose the target language and I can change it every morning before she wakes up. I keep it pinned to the shelf next to the dining table where I know she will see it.


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4 responses to “Jolly Useful”

  1. Erin says :

    Hi Nick!
    Was at my Linkedin page and re-found the link to this great blog. I’ve been keeping an eye on it from time to time but should really share it with some of the foreign wives’ lot. Would you mind? -Erin

  2. teachthesprog says :

    Share away. It may or not be of use, but I hope they will take a look and let me know what works for them. Good to hear from you.

  3. J says :

    Good call. I’ll definitely try this. Every so often you could make it the start of a treasure hunt (eg, look under the sink).

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