Out of the ordinary

I can’t remember how many times I have heard the comment “Her father is foreign so she will grow up bilingual”. In this case, one plus one may not equal two unless the parents are prepared to put some work in. Even then, if the minority language parent is working, most communication is the same day in, day out. “Brush your teeth. Choose a book.” So what to do?
At the suggestion of a friend, we visited the Nagoya science museum yesterday afternoon. He said it was a great place for kids, and he was right!

The catchphrase there is ‘Watch, Touch and Discover”. Most of the exhibits are hands on and there are three floors of exhibits to visit.

What a great idea it was. Where else would I get the chance to say “pull the lever and pump the water into the big yellow bucket until its full”? There were machines for making smoke rings, a fire engine driving simulator, a tornado maker and so many more activities. I was worried she would not enjoy it. She loved it!

We took the English language brochures home and made the first page in a new scrapbook. Trying new things at home is important. Getting out and about is perhaps a little more memorable. A very productive second language day!


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2 responses to “Out of the ordinary”

  1. Chris Drew says :

    Excellent! A mixture of fun and education. And a scrapbook as well. These are so good (and cheap!) for second language things. Glad you all enjoyed the day.

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