Jolly Good


Lucky me! You too! A new friend with a great deal of experience in language learning himself mailed me on the subject of teaching children to read at home and a variety of related topics. More on those another time. First I would like to introduce a recommendation of his: Jolly Learning.

Visit the Jolly Learning homepage here for a detailed introduction to the Jolly Learning teaching method and ideology.
In their own words “Jolly Learning is an independent British publisher, with the commitment of creating and developing educational material to inspire children to learn and be the best they can.”

What’s in it for you? A method. Jolly Phonics are described on Wikipedia as “a systematic synthetic phonics programme designed to teach children to read and write. Children learn the 42 letter sounds of the English language, rather than the alphabet. They are then taken through the stages of blending and segmenting words to develop reading and writing skills.” It sounds good enough for them to have written it themselves.

The activity books and workbooks are inexpensive. I’m ordering mine tomorrow. A very experienced father said it was worth it.


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