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Once you have the phonic alphabet under your belt, there is a world of free materials online to help the young one practice their reading skills. I’d like to introduce one page that has provided a variety of fun (for a four-year old at least) reading activities that my daughter keeps wanting to go back to.

Follow this link to the games page of a  web site called Family Learning. Amongst the games it introduces, some favourites of ours are:

Phoneme Pop: Choose the group of phonemes (sounds) you want the child to practise. The sound is spoken clearly and the child has to pop the bubble containing the matching sound. Simple, but strangely satisfying, like popping bubble wrap.

Reading Machine: practise reading cvc (consonant, vowel, consonant) words with the reading machine. Choose the correct word from the three displayed to match the object on the machine. Click next to go to the next word.

Phonic Fighter: A letter appears on an alien spaceship and you have to click the picture beginning with that letter. If you get it right, your fighter will shoot the alien. If you get it wrong, the alien will shoot your fighter.

(Descriptions from the site’s external reviewers)

Today we took a new link to a fantastic site called ‘Starfall‘ which features in the title photograph and provides reading practice for various levels covering almost all aspects of phonic reading with a variety of activities, stories and animated videos . My daughter is rushing me to finish typing so she can get back to the fun (mum says not before a bath).

All of these games are free, you don’t need to register to play and they are all valuable resources for the parent that wants to teach reading skills to their child. Don’t forget that reading skills cannot just be picked up, they must be learned, which means they must be taught. It may involve a little work on your part, but with so many resources freely available it need not be a chore for you either.

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