Story Cubes

A good friend gave me a set of Rory’s Story Cubes. Some presents are worth their weight in gold, but for those of us in Japan they will only cost 1,715 yen for a second hand set on Amazon.

Each cube has six images. There are 9 cubes. Some are more easily definable than others, but young minds make light work of abstract images.

The instructions claim that there are infinite ways of playing with the cubes. I wonder if they have tested that? But they are certainly not lacking in versatility.

Roll all the cubes at once. Pick one image for the starting point of a story.

“Beginning with ‘Once upon a time…’ make a story that somehow links together all nine cubes”.

My four year old defied the linear narrative and kept returning to the first cube to change it: “The moon met an arrow, then the moon turned into a fountain and went on a boat”. Nonsense? Not at all! Thinking in her second language!

Using story cubes already? Let me know what worked for you!


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4 responses to “Story Cubes”

  1. Sean says :


  2. J says :

    I bought them in (semi-)bulk from Amazon in the U.S. and got them much cheaper than 1715 yen. That also gave me enough to use at home, some ‘omiyage’ for friends, and a few more sets for classroom use if suddenly inspired.

  3. Alexander Pratt says :

    My kids love board games. I night give this a try.

  4. Maja says :

    I will definitely try these. Thank you for sharing!

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